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Welcome to If Not Now, When? This is one ordinary woman's journey of rediscovering her long forgotten dreams during middle-age. My hope is to inspire other everyday people to chase their own dreams and share their own magic and gifts with the world. 

Sep 26, 2018

After more than fifty years of faithful television watching, why I decided it was time to cancel our TV cable subscription. And how cable cutting became an important component of my creative journey.

Sep 12, 2018

Housekeeping announcements about the podcast and blog content schedule. Also, a little insight into my podcast positioning.

Sep 4, 2018

How I went from being privately emotional about life's sucker punches to being calmer in my mental responses. Work life as a black woman in all-white work spaces. Also, noticing the differences in the routines of big city lifestyles versus small-town living. AA Twelve Steps rescued me from alcoholic thinking.