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Welcome to If Not Now, When? This is one ordinary woman's journey of rediscovering her long forgotten dreams during middle-age. My hope is to inspire other everyday people to chase their own dreams and share their own magic and gifts with the world. 

Jul 25, 2018

An emotional hangover and a bit of panic.

Jul 18, 2018

A look at some the mind-resistant yo-yoing along the journey to calling myself a creative entrepreneur. What it has taken to pursue the dream chase in middle-age. The official business I now find myself in. 


Jul 11, 2018

A reckoning and reconciling update-- New Maria continues her merge with parts of Old Maria. A look back on blogging days while active in alcoholism, a little potty mouth history, lamenting lost friendships, and bragging about my Brooklyn roots.


Jul 5, 2018

The complicated relationship I have with my mother is one filled with all the things, pain, a little bit of joy, humor, a lot of sadness, and a smidgen of regret. Society's messages about motherhood. This was a hard episode for me to record.