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Welcome to If Not Now, When? This is one ordinary woman's journey of rediscovering her long forgotten dreams during middle-age. My hope is to inspire other everyday people to chase their own dreams and share their own magic and gifts with the world. 

Nov 15, 2018

I had so much fun recording this episode, it was a party of one indeed! More private reveals about my life and the road which led me to podcasting. My TOP NINE podcast lessons learned in 2018. This secret episode is a gift to my subscribers. See you in 2019!


Oct 30, 2018

How and why I began podcasting. Hear details about this creative journey that I had not felt brave enough to share until now. What quitting the day job revealed to me about who I thought I was. An FML moment for sure.

Oct 10, 2018

Unscripted and unplanned, today I merely turned on the mic and let my thoughts fall out. I am talking about recent triggers, but not the kind some of us are prone to discussing. Sexual abuse comes up only as an aside.

Sep 26, 2018

After more than fifty years of faithful television watching, why I decided it was time to cancel our TV cable subscription. And how cable cutting became an important component of my creative journey.