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Welcome to If Not Now, When? This is one ordinary woman's journey of rediscovering her long forgotten dreams during middle-age. My hope is to inspire other everyday people to chase their own dreams and share their own magic and gifts with the world. 

Mar 15, 2018

Taking a closer look at some of my motivations, especially as it relates to the latest post on my blog. I discuss the work of soul-searching, disclosing my dismay over being unable to turn back now that it's begun.

A look at shadow work, which is used as a guiding technique and principle by some spiritual coaches and therapists.

I'm also sharing about my social awkwardness, offering specific examples of recent interactions with women from my life.

My continuing AA 12-step work.

How we project onto each other as a way to avoid seeing the unappealing parts of our own personas. How many of us, who are black, wear masks as a way to cope with situations we feel powerless over in our American culture.